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12 Years Later: Persuasion, Austen and Me

12 years ago, I first read Jane Austen’s Persuasion.   Between my junior and senior years in college and while working at the J. Crew call center answering customers questions on bikinis that I would never wear myself or corduroy pants that felt like sandpaper–I first read Persuasion. This is the problem of being young and reading […]

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Living in the Prison of Safe

One of the most peculiar things about human nature is this: we are addicted to safety. We love watching the psychopath’s shadow creep toward the shower curtain, raise the knife, then stab, stab, stab…blood down the drain. All while we munch on over-butterd popcorn from the relative “safety” of our sectional sofa. Of course, we […]

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To Mr. Darcy, Let’s Come Together

As with every previous Friday, Charlotte waited for Mr. Collins to breakfast, pull on his gardening trousers, and head out in the tangled web of cucumber vines and cabbages. Today’s letter promised to be particularly promising since it was in Lady Catherine’s hand. Who would the old rich hag have had such a need to […]

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