On Missing Bloodsucking Opportunities

Since we are half way through the lovely month of May, I thought it would be a nice time to check-in for a quick chat about Wuthering Bites.

Right now, I’m over a third through the book. Yes, I know a good book club blogger would have finished the book three months ago, but I’m sticking with my “I was teaching college English courses and grading papers” excuse. Well, I was. And maybe, you’re like me and everything happened in April and now May is serving as the catch up month. So, here are just a few little things I have liked or currently like or cannot stand about the DJABC’s May selection. Hide

Starting of with what I like:

  • The language of the book is consistent with Emily Bronte! In the past, we have been critical of writer who do not stick with the same voice as the original author. I totally believe Bronte could have and maybe did write this book.
  • The bloodsucking vampires are actually fearsome. These are not the pretty sparkling kind. Yes, they can and will seduce you, but you wouldn’t start making honeymoon plans with any of them. The writer calls them “beasties” because they have about as many manners as a pack of feral dogs.
  • The characters are consistent with the original work. Catherine is clearly Catherine. Same with Heathcliff except he may or may not be part vampire or slayer or whatever. We don’t know yet, or if you do, don’t ruin it for me yet.

And the things I don’t like:

  • The overall narrative rarely deviates from the original language. Double standard? No. I’m all for incorporating style and voice, but pulling large passage from the original and sprinkling a few vampires in doesn’t make a good mash-up. It makes me want to read the original. 
  • The bloodsucking beasties don’t really have much to do with the plot. Oh yes, they’re scary and evil, but almost non-existent pawns whom Heathcliff can control. The author had better explain WHY Heathcliff can control the vampires. 

So, what do you think? How present should the vampires be in a good classic monster mash-up?

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