A Few Thoughts on Wuthering Bites

It’s May, It’s May…the lusty month of May!

(Double points if you can tell what musical said line is from…hint: Richard Burton and Julie Andrews starred in it)

For the lusty month of May, we here at the DJABC will be gathering on the lonely moor to read Wuthering Bites!  Hide

All right, I wish we DJABCers could go read Wuthering Bites and the original novel in a lovely and WARM and vampire free cottage on the moor.

Taking Emily Bronte’s beautifully haunting gothic novel and adding a few or A LOT of  bloodsucking demons from the abyss or actually Transylvania because most of humans there are now vampires. Just imagine migrating vampires to England. Perhaps, that would also explain the great coconut migration, the werewolf migration, or why aliens keep terrorizing London in Dr. Who. I really have no idea if any of these questions will be answered because I have not finished the book.

By no means, should you believe that these are Twilight vampires.

They don’t sparkle. They don’t frolic on the flower laden meadows. They don’t drive fast cars. These vampires haunt the  freakin moor, y’all. Darkness, numerous ways to become lost on the moors, bogs to drown in–sounds like a great place for vampires to hang out, right?

Not to mention the all brooding cast of characters, death and love, this really should be a great month to sit back grab a cup of tea and read this month’s selection.

What are your thoughts on Wuthering Bites?


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