We of the Dark Jane Austen Book Club are avid readers with a particular fondness for literature, the works of Jane Austen, and the occasional bloody mayhem thrown in for good measure.  Here we shall share those things with you and hope that you join in the discussions.

At times our posts are written in the form of letters to fictional characters, from fictional characters, or to our dear readers. A little tongue in cheek should be expected.

Our esteemed administrator/facilitators are Sarah Jessica and Veronica Monique.

Sarah Jessica has always had a tendency to lurk in the shadows with a voracious appetite for literature and wine-induced faery ring dances. She earned her Master of Arts in English from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Additionally, she is in the process of earning her Mistress of All Evil degree from the Morgan La Fey Academy of  Old Rites with a specialty in mischief making mayhem. In her spare time, she spills ink on final manuscripts, hides the commas on keyboards, turns coffee grounds stale, and misplaces car keys.

Veronica Monique spent much of her childhood mixing ashes in a cauldron repeating lines from Macbeth. In order to better understand her own odd behavior she studied and earned a BA in Psychology from Peace College, Raleigh, NC. However, obsessive escapist reading also earned her a minor in English. She did a stint in obedience school after the last full moon, but was asked to leave after an incident over the “stay” command left an instructor crying in a corner. It is inadvisable to join her for moonlit strolls on the beach, though she will give you a ten second head start if you want to live—but no one ever really out runs a werewolf.