Looking for the Peculiar

Miss-Peregrine'sWhat if your grandfather told you that he had been hunted by squid faced monsters, had special friends who could do extraordinary things, and had boxes of photographs to prove it? Would you believe him?

For most of us, we would chalk up grandpa’s tales of a supernatural or peculiar world to senility or dementia or too much time spent in the Florida sun. That’s what the main character of Ransom Riggs‘s book¬†Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children did. Grandpa Portman simply has an incurable case of old. Right?¬†

But then the event that would forever divide Jacob’s life into Before and After rips open Jacob’s ideas of what is real and peculiar.

Journey with the DJABC on a fantastic adventure to a remote island in Wales where our main character Jacob will discover that he isn’t exactly normal. Like his Grandpa Portman, Jacob must confront his own fears about the very real monsters hunting him down, the mystery of his grandfather’s death, and trying to be a teenage boy all at once. We will follow Jacob’s journey to find the elusive Miss Peregrine who may be just the little birdie to tell Jacob about his mysterious past and his peculiar future.

Through fantastically eerie photographs and gripping text, Ransom Riggs weaves a tale of suspense, darkness, and the beauty of human nature.

Which is why the DJABC is meandering away from our typical Austenesque book selections to dabble in this gem of a story. We love the dark nature of the writing, the unique combination of visuals with text, and really this makes for the perfect summer beach read. We hope that you join us this month as we head to Wales in search of the other peculiars and that elusive Miss Peregrine.

What’s intrigues you about this book? If you were a peculiar, what ability would you have?



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