Changing February’s Reading Selection

Today, we made one of the most difficult decisions any book club must make. We chose to change next month’s reading selection.

At first, we chose Adam Rann’s Emma and the Werewolves, and I purchased the book and dove into the story. I admit that I had not researched the book, its author, or its publishing house prior to suggesting it for February. After reading over 100 pages in the e-book format, I cannot recommend this book to our members. 

The reasons are as follows:

  • Egregious spelling errors, errors in syntax, and punctuation
  • Lack of merging Austen’s writing style with the author’s style

While I whole-heartedly support writers, I cannot support these grievous editorial missteps. I believe as a writer that it is our moral imperative to provide the best art, the best writing within our powers. It troubles me deeply that such careful consideration was not applied to this book. This is why I cannot in good faith ask you, dear readers, to purchase this book.

Our current February selection will be Emma by Jane Austen. 

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