Dark Jane Austen Book Club’s First Hangout

Dark Jane Austen Book Club's First HangoutDark Jane Austen Book Club is about promoting and sharing our love of Jane Austen. We also like getting into the dark and quirky spin-offs and mash-ups. We are avid readers, but what makes being part of a book club so much fun is the opportunity to sit with others to discuss ideas brought about by reading. 

This website is the virtual home of DJABC, and aims to provide multiple levels of engagement through post comments, our forum, and the opportunity to guest post. We also engage through our Twitter feed and Facebook page. Last Friday we took one more step in building engagement opportunities, we had our very first member’s only virtual book club meeting via Google Plus Hangout.

Some things to note about G+, first you must have your own G+ account. Members who are interested can circle other members. I named my circle DJABC for obvious reasons and I only add DJABC members. Only those you invite to hangout may do so. This feature allows you to interact with others via webcam.

The ability to hold a virtual meeting with members out of state was exciting. Introductions were made, and the discussion was wonderful. Our topics covered vampires, the relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy, and other elements that interested us about January’s reading selection Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange. 

It was so much fun that we are hoping to have another hangout next month to discuss Jane Austen’s Emma, our February reading selection. Because of varying schedules we try to coordinate with those who are firm in their commitment to participate in a hangout. We understand that there is no ideal time for everyone, which is why we have so many ways to be involved. We invite you to participate in anyway you feel comfortable.

*Photo: Europe District employees observe Women’s History Month by USACE Europe District, obtained through Flickr.

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