A Birthday Wish

Today’s special guest is John D. Ayers who shares with us an imagining of our beloved Jane Austen as she might interact with a character of her imagining, and of whom we have come to think so well.


Jane Austen rocked slowly in her wooden chair, attending to her needlepoint with focused attention.   She knew not for whom she was creating the baby blanket for, but her hands enjoyed the distraction.   Her fingers were sore and tired from needling for hours, and her mind began to wander, as her eyes fluttered shut for a short spell.  Her inner thoughts took over in her semi-conscious state.

“Mr. Darcy, indeed it is a pleasure to see you again,” Jane blushed slightly as the tall figure appeared within her thoughts.   His handsome visage brightened her features as she took in his smiling face and dark, twinkling brown eyes.

“Jane, the pleasure is mine, as you are well aware that I sorely enjoy your company and counsel,” Darcy replied as he sat next to her, placing his hand upon her arm.   Slight tingles ran through her body, as Jane felt his closeness.

“Please accept my happiest wishes to you on your birthday today sir,” Jane affably continued.  “You have been in my thoughts all day long, even though I no longer craft words onto paper about your life.   You never seem to be far from me, and I love to muse upon what you would be up to on special days such as this.”  Jane’s eyes searched Darcy’s deep, pensive orbs as she covered his hand with her own.

“I have been well my lady, and please accept my sincerest appreciation for the wonderful birthday wishes,” Darcy intoned.  “Elizabeth and I have been wedded for about a year now, and we are expecting our first child.   Through your writings, you finally brought us together, which I am eternally grateful for my sweet dear.   Please know that we are quite happily enjoying our life together.    Although, truth be told, I do miss you often, telling me what to do my lady.”

Jane felt her eyes mist up slightly at his kind words.   She had journeyed with Darcy through her missives as far as she could.  It had hurt her deeply to finally point him inElizabeth’s direction but Jane had eventually realized that it was for the best.   She knew not what marriage was all about, and could not fathom the relationship any further than she had taken him.   He was dear to her and although she knew that he would always reside within her heart, she had firmly had to let him go.    He belonged withElizabethshe knew, and although it pained her to release him, it was the right thing to do.

“Mr. Darcy, you are charming and dashing as always my dear.   I am pleased that you are happy in life.   I would like to think that the travails that you both endured have made your joining that much sweeter.   If you see it that way, I was perhaps looking out for your best interests my dear man.”

Darcy chuckled, and rubbed his hand along Jane’s arm, which caused slight goose bumps to alight upon her skin.   He simply smiled at his creator, and leaned over to grasp her hand, bestowing a tender kiss upon the back of her palm.   “Visiting with you tonight my lady is one of the most wonderful birthday presents that I could ever imagine.   You know that you own my heart and always will capture my soul.   Aside fromElizabeth, there is no one more dear to me than you my love,” Darcy whispered.

Jane felt tears welling up within her as she smiled back at her charming man.   “Mr. Darcy, you warm my heart as always.   I extend a pleasant birthday wish to you sir.”

Darcy smiled at Jane and stood up.  He walked to the other side of the room and disappeared back to where he had come from.   Jane gazed at the spot on the wall where she had last seen him.  He had momentarily turned back to look at her just before he vanished.  She loved his twinkling brown eyes.    Indeed, he had fine eyes, at least in her opinion.

She opened her own eyes as she returned to a wakeful state.  With a smile upon her face, she walked to her chambers to retire for the night.  She was infinitely pleased and warmed within, as she often was when he visited her thoughts.


John D. Ayers can be found writing at his blog John Ayers’ Darcy-esque World where he shares other such fanciful imaginings and musings from the perspective of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice from the mind of an Austen honoring man. He can also be found on twitter @TWDarcy.

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