Shhh, Keeping Secrets

No one wants to be the secret keeper especially poor dear Jane. 

She recognizes the Damned on her doorstep pretending to abide by their newly acquired tasted for country manners. While her sister Cassandra has been her natural confidant, Jane can’t bring herself to awaken her old nature and offend her sister. Not to mention, Jane does spill the whole story to her entire good Christian family–too bad, I’m a vampire again so guess it is good-bye. And being the good Christians that they are, they get pissed off  and blame Jane for her regression into damnation. Oh but how quickly they forget that the only reason Anna isn’t turned is that Jane sacrificed herself. Sigh.

So Jane must keep secrets.

As I read this book, I really got angry at Jane’s sister Cassandra and their mother. I began to have Amy Poehler and Seth Meyer SNL moments–REALLY? You thought that Jane would want to go back to sucking face and blood with common country folk? Really? You thought the “cure” would work for like ever, but when it didn’t, you blame the one who tried it? Really? Really? Then, y’all get pissy because she kept secrets from you. But wait, you told her that she was going to H-E-double hockey sticks. And the final blow, let’s bring dear old DEAD dad into the argument, he would be so angry knowing this about you, Jane! Oh, wait, he knew. Really?


 Either support Jane’s silence on her secret life and her extra hosiery, or support her when she must choose between her eternal soul and the life of her niece. Isn’t that how family should work? Or maybe, I’m stuck in my rural country life and morals. Perhaps, I don’t have the Damned visiting in gauche outfits wanting more tea.

What do you think about Cassandra’s and Jane’s Mother’s reactions to all the secrets?


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