Let Us Be Damned

Happy Halloween, vampire infused, zombie raging, werewolf howling month! 

Fangs That Need Sharpening

Or as we around the DJABC will tell you, Happy  We’re Reading Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion month. In October, we will be returning to Regency England(like we ever want to leave) as we follow Jane Austen along her hopes to stay cured and the evil within trying desperately to get out! Ouch my canines are extending with anticipation.

Ahh, the lovely Damned!

Unlike our selections from this summer in which Jane was a vampire in our time. Author Janet Mullany sets Jane’s vampire damned ways in 1810.Set in Austen’s beloved England, peace and tranquility gambol about like little lambs until the King bans the Damned and a few move in a bit too close for dear Jane’s comfort.

Of course, we shall have the usual Austen fare. I shall be so glad to go to country dances, make calls with my dear Austens, and see who gets bitten, smitten, or kittened in the book(don’t ask me where kittened came from, I couldn’t find another rhyming word. Although, someone should get kittened eventually in an Austen mash-up). But I digress.  We are looking forward to a howling good time here at the DJABC.

Will you be so kind as to join us for a bit of damning good fun?


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