Happy Blogiversary to DJABC

Happy Blogiversary to The Dark Jane Austen Book Club! Fangs That Need Sharpening

This month marks first year on the web, and we have had a great year. Why? We have mingled with our dear authors(the ones living, of course, the dead ones would join in too if grave restraints didn’t detain them), had some AMAZING guest posts, and given away so many lovely books from our authors.

To say the least, this has been a very good year at the DJABC!

But don’t think that the fun will stop…oh, no…we have another fantastic line-up of books, authors, and of course, mayhem. This month, we are featuring another book by Vera Nazarian entitled Mansfield Park and Mummies. A wonderful foray into the world of Fanny Price and her sort of benevolent aunt who is , of course, obesessed with Egyptian relics, antiquities, and some dead guy wrapped up in linens. Sorting through ancient treasures, always on guard lest a rabidly elusive duck should peck one’s eyes out, and a bunch of persons in need of  exfloiating facials and a more fashionable wardrobe. So BCE if you ask me!

And this is only the beginning….

For our blogiversary, we are excited to have Vera Nazarian guest post for us again. While this is exciting in itself, she will also be giving away for our DJABC readers…a special AUTOGRAPHED COPY of Mansfield Park and Mummies! We will keep you , dear readers, informed about said giveaway so you can enter!

But lest you think we are a one giveaway and done kinda book club….

We also have another super special, awesome, fantastic, insert a bunch of really cool adjectives giveaway planned. You will want to stay tuned since we will be hinting via Twitter, Facebook, and our MEMBERS ONLY content.(Hint: join the site and you will know before everyone else!)

So, who’s ready to journey to Mansfield Park and endure a few mummies?


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