An Awesome Austen Christmas

How can it already be December? 

I’m not ready for visions of sugar plums or the mischievous ramblings of an Elf on the Shelf. Quite frankly, I want to rewind 2011 back to summer and the time I sat on the beach “reading” or napping. But I’m simply not ready for Christmas. The thought of pushing my way through a crowded mall or spending hours online trying to find the best Christmas present makes me want to spike the eggnog with an extra shot of bourbon.

But the holidays spirit is about giving to others.

What makes a gift special is the thought we put into said gift–not the amount of money. Perhaps, you have a Jane Austen fan and need a few helpful suggestions from Austen fans. Yesterday, Veronica offered some suggestions of her favorite Austen inspired gifts. Today, I’m offering a few of my favorites.

An Awesome Austen Christmas:

  1. Jane Austen Paperdolls: Inpired by the novel Pride and Prejudice which happens to be my favorite Austen novel. Yes, I know it is cliche, but damn it, I love Elizabeth Bennet.
  2. Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Trivia game: Think you know your Pride and Prejudice characters? Try your hand at this game and see if you caught all of Jane’s nuances in the book.
  3. Jane Austen Cookbook: I love cooking, and when Austen mentions food or meals in her books, I want to know what they may have tasted like or cook them myself. 
  4. Jane Austen and Manners: We Austenites know that social decorum was paramount for the characters in her novels. Now, we can learn the various social nuances and gain a better appreciation for how our favorite characters acted in the books.

What would add for a perfect Austen Christmas? We are always looking for excellent suggestions!

*Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons and chatirygirl

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