An Austen Inspired Christmas List

An Austen Inspired Christmas ListIt is that time of year again, and many have put off their shopping until now either for economical reasons, out of stubbornness that such shopping shouldn’t be done until this time, or perhaps because one is never sure what to get anyone until there is very little time left. Whatever the reason here are some ideas for the Jane Austen lover in your life.

For those looking to support the small business person and the hand crafters one need only go to Etsy and type in Jane Austen to find a large variety of items guaranteed to bring a smile to any Austen fan. There are also a plethora of Austen inspired books available at any bookstore, as well as a few other sundries that can be found if one looks hard enough.

Veronica’s top 5 Austen inspired wish list items are:

1. Jane Austen Action figure (This one is getting very difficult to find via, but can be ordered from Archie McPhee & Co.)

2. The Mysterious Death of Miss Austen by Lindsay Ashford (Which can conveniently be ordered from

3. A Pride and Prejudice women’s t-shirt from Out of Print Clothing. (This is a win-win because I would get a gift I’d love, and each purchase with Out of Print Clothing sends a book to a community in need.)

4. A Jane Austen Book Purse such as one found on Etsy at spoonfulofchocolate.

5. A Dibs on Darcy mug found on CafePress.


*Photo: Wrapped Present by  ishane, obtained through Flickr.

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