Happy New Year Dear Readers

We’re off to a serious start with a return to an Austen classic: Persuasion.  Sarah and I have elected to break out our gorgeous annotated editions, the one edited by Robert Morrison. I do not anticipate this being a quick read as we will be discussing Jane Austen’s story and the additional information Morrison has included in this edition. Start reading with us today, jump in on discussions when you can. 

The new Reading List for 2014 is also up.  As always it is open to change in the event that we so choose to accommodate authors wishing for promotional opportunity, a mass interest in selecting another book, or availability issues we may encounter. Sometimes we make up our reading list as sort of a wish list and go from there.

In other news, be sure to help us keep the Events calendar updated with any book releases of Austenesque literature, movies, plays, book signings and anything else that may interest a Janeite anywhere. Remember, we also take an interest in the darker literary explorations of monsters and mashups.

Be sure to check in and share your comments and questions. Hope you read with us!

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