To Be Her For a Day

As an avid reader and a writer I tend to think of books as more than just a momentary entertainment. I love to read my favorite books over and over again. I want to memorize the best parts, dissect character motivations, and analyze every minutia of the plot. I want to imagine every little detail so that when I dream I can live it for just a little while, but the best dream ever would be to actually be able to jump into a book to be one of the characters first hand. 

That may not seem a very dark wish, but we can pretend it means I secretly dream of becoming a body snatcher. Fictional characters beware. OK, so I’m dreaming, but there is someone that can actually do it! Well, she’s fictional too, and her ability is limited. Still, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Today I’m over at Austenprose reviewing Attempting Elizabeth by Jessica Grey.


Ever love a book so much that it is committed to memory? Have a favorite book that provides comfort and escape from life’s more troublesome realities? Pride and Prejudice is just such a book for many, including Kelsey Edmundson, the heroine of Jessica Grey’s new Jane Austen-inspired novel Attempting Elizabeth, who is magically transported through time and dimension jumping right into the story…


Please, visit Austenprose for my complete review of Attempting Elizabeth by Jessica Grey, and thanks for reading.

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