Marrying Mr. Darcy and the Undead

For many Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is an enduring tale of true love. Whether it was Austen’s intention for us to view it as a love story versus a tale of how things like pride and prejudice blind us to the true character of a person does not stop us. How often have we dreamed of being Elizabeth when she and Darcy finally admit their feelings for one another? What would it be like to be a lady from the world of Pride and Prejudice having to abide by all the rules and expectations while in pursuit of a “single man in possession of a good fortune?” Well, wonder no more.

Marrying-Mr-Darcy-UndeadNow there’s Marrying Mr. Darcy: The Pride & Prejudice Card Game by Erika Svanoe with design by Erik Evensen. This role play game is ideal for 2 – 6 players ages 13 and over, according to the box. Players choose one of eight female characters from Pride and Prejudice to play and improve with the objective of acquiring a suitor. Points are earned for obtaining Character cards: Beauty, Wit, Friendliness, Reputation, and Cunning. These are obtained though various situations as presented by the Event cards. Every suitor has his own preferences, and while it is possible to improve your character’s appeal it is also possible to gain an advantage by strategically ruining those of your rivals, leaving them no choice but to become an old maid.

The game guide explains the rules fairly well, but with the intrinsic complexity of the game in its efforts to mimic the experience a young lady in search of a husband in accordance with the expectations as set forth in Austen’s novel the best way to learn the game is to jump in and play. The game guide also offers up a few variations to game play. There is even a variation that allows for up to eight players and a variation that removes all relational barriers. (You’ll just have to get the game to understand what I mean.)

As if that weren’t fantastic enough, now there is going to be an Undead Expansion! Those who have read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Steve Hockensmith can see where this is going. In addition to improving your character, now there are the undead to contend with and curses to avoid; however, with the additional Event cards it is not so easy. The Undead Expansion also features a new set of cards, Instrument of the Living, containing weapons and cures. Even with the possibility of a cure one may still end the game as the undead.

Thanks to Erika, we at DJABC got our hands on an advanced copy of Marrying Mr. Darcy with the Undead Expansion. We had an absolute fabulous time playing, with and without the expansion pack. We discovered that it was fun to play the different characters as every lady possesses her own unique advantages, and while the goal might be to obtain a husband that by no means guaranteed winning the game.

One of my favorite statements in the game guide says, “If questions or discrepancies arise, discuss and agree upon a resolution in a ladylike manner.” We took this as encouragement to add a few extra rules and invent another variation, which I like to think of as cut-throat courting. Some of our more adult rules included toasting the parties, but that is completely optional.

Forget Bridge and Poker. This is the perfect ladies card game. Marying Mr. Darcy is already available in stores. In anticipation of the Undead Expansion being released in stores this July 4th, and with the generosity of Erick Svanoe, we are hosting a giveaway for those in the US! Enter for your chance to win Marrying Mr. Darcy: the Pride & Prejudice Card Game and the Undead Expansion. 

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  • Raquel

    I would like to play with Caroline Bingley. She seems extremely competitive and it would be fun to beat her.

    • Yes, Caroline Bingley is competitive, but trust me there is a way to play with extreme competitiveness no matter which character you choose.

  • I can see this as a great opportunity to get with the girls, drink some wine, and play for hours! Win or not, I have to own this!

    • Get the right group of ladies together and every time a party card is drawn the group should toast! Tea time card, take a sip! Plus it is hilarious when a character is called on to do something uncharacteristic from how we remember them in Pride and Prejudice.

  • Wyldeirishman

    If I could convince my non-gamer wife to sit down and play (with our daughters, too!), I suppose it wouldn’t matter which character I used. 🙂

  • I think I’d want to play Jane in the game, being the eldest in my family makes it seem natural.

  • Nate

    Lydia!!! First off she’s totally reckless and a complete wild card–so you could do whatever you want and people will just be like “well that’s Lydia for you.” Secondly, no matter what you do if you play as Lydia (even become an old maid), as long as you don’t marry Wickham, you’ve done better than Lydia did for herself in the book.

    • I will say that this game is almost like D&D light with the Undead Expansion. Outcomes are still determined by a roll of the die.

  • This sounds like a really fun card game!! I’d
    love to play as Georgiana Darcy 🙂 .

  • Elliot A. Fisch

    True, I’m a guy, but there are “ladies” in my game group and it’s about time they had more female characters to inhabit.

    • If the group is familiar with D&D type game play, then this is well within the realm.

  • Rosefire15

    Definitely Elizabeth 🙂

  • Daniel James

    Though not of the “fairer sex” I would enjoy stepping into Elizabeth’s shoes for the duration of gameplay.

  • Angela Richie

    I’ve always identified with Mary, and would love to embody her in the game. I could imagine my best friend, whom is also a Pride and Prejudice fan and whom I would be playing this with, as Jane. It would be interesting to see us go against each other in the game.

  • Elizabeth Bennet for sure 🙂

  • realmer06

    Mary Bennet — I feel sorry for her!

  • Ruth Anderson

    Oh without a doubt, Elizabeth. 🙂 This sounds like so much fun!

  • Olivia Thomas

    Kitty would be fun

  • I couldn’t see how a game like this would play out till i tried it – and i loved it! certainly did not regret giving it a try – now if only i had my own copy…and with zombies, i might even get the BOYS to play it! wow!

    I played Elizabeth of course – and would love to again…

  • Gotta go with the classic choice, Elizabeth!