Oh These Footnotes!

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, we planned some of the most fabulous, fun, fantastic things for DJABC! I am so excited for what we have coming up in May and June and July and August…okay, fine, pretty much the rest of the year and till infinity and beyond.

Today, we’re hard at work putting into place some of these plans, reading, and writing epic awesomeness. But we most certainly wanted to have a bit of a laugh this Friday. Here is one of the best footnotes ever written from this month’s reading selection:

A novelist is a Metaphysical Being who has taken it upon her sorry shoulders to carry the weight of the entire modern civilization, while being paid less than minimum wage, working three or more additional jobs to avoid homelessness and starvation, and having no personal life to speak of, all in the exchange for the privilege of speaking the Truth clad in Story.


What are you reading this weekend? Any dark and lovely suggestions for us?

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