Aprils Showers Bringing April Awesomeness

Who cares if April brings showers, rain clouds, or storms! Why? 

For the Dark Jane Austen Book Club, we are beyond excited for all of the fun, festivities that April shall shower down up us (Mondays always make me feel a little punny. I shall endeavor to control this as much as Lydia Bennet can control her boy craziness). April promises to be bright and cheery with all sorts of dark Austen loveliness for you, dear readers.

Last Saturday, Veronica and I met as we do frequently to prepare, coordinate, and discuss the DJABC.  As we breakfasted, we emailed, dreamed, and worked so this month could be extraordinary.

And it will be!

This month, we will be reading Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons by Vera Nazarian (if you have not purchased this book, oh my, please do so just for the footnotes, if nothing else). As always, you may read both Austen’s original work and this lovely book, or choose one or the other. We will discuss both, but our focus will be on Nazarian’s book.

But why all of the fuss? This is the DJABC way.

Yes, but this month, we shall have a few extras for our readers:

  • Ms. Nazarian has graciously agreed to offer a guest post for DJABC…you will not want to miss it!
  • Not only will she guest post, but she will be answering YOUR questions!
  • And if this wasn’t good enough, there will be a beautiful signed copy of her book Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons for one of our lucky readers(details about entering shall follow this month, STAY TUNED).


Who shall be able to contain such joy, such excitement? Someone pass me the smelling salts, I’m feeling a bit faint from all of this loveliness.

Question: What would you like to ask our author this month? 

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