The Influential, Inspirational Jane Austen Still

The Influential, Inspirational Jane Austen Still

I have been absolutely staggered by the response to our requests for guest posts. I was a bit apprehensive about sending out direct requests, and am so pleased that so many have affirmed their interest. 

Our goal this month is to celebrate the writer who has had such a lasting influence upon literature and continues to inspire readers and writers. Jane Austen completed six novels that have stood the test of time to remain among some of the most loved stories. These stories have inspired writers to fulfill the mass desire for sequels and spin-offs, as well as creative retellings with sinister and satirical infusions. And let’s not forget all the novels featuring the alternate lives of Jane Austen herself filled with romance, mystery, and murder!

We are still hopeful that more readers and writers will choose to participate in this project. Writing topics for this month as stated in a previous post are as follows.

  • How has Jane Austen influenced your life, as a reader and/or a writer?
  • What do you think about the recent speculations surrounding her death due to arsenic poisoning?
  • Which of her novels has inspired you the most?
  • Why do you think Jane Austen has had such an enduring influence and presence in literature?

Also we are open to any creative tributes. A beautiful example would be the poem written by esteemed member Sarah Jessica yesterday.

The length of any submission should be between 300-700 words, though we are not fastidious if the writing is on topic and of quality. Please, read our etiquette for further instruction on that front. We would like all post submissions by December 17th via email to veronica[at]darkjaneaustenbookclub[dot]com. We plan to schedule posts beginning December 19th and have them posting every day until we run out.

Again, on behalf of the Dark Jane Austen Book Club I’d like to extend our sincerest appreciation to all those who have thus far agreed, and we do hope more will participate.

*Photo: A better guide by shawnzrossi, obtained through Flickr.

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