December Is All About Jane Austen

December Is All About Jane Austen

Jane Austen was born December 16, 1775, and produced six novels of note along with other works completed and unfinished in her relatively short lifetime. This month is all about the woman and writer who has continued to inspire readers and writers nearly 200 years after her death on July 18, 1817.

We will be reading from her letters, and writing about her influence in our own writing lives. We hope you join us this month in our discussions via commenting, Twitter, Facebook, and joining our book club to participate in the forum.  


Topics for those wishing to submit a guest post this month shall include:

  • How has Jane Austen influenced your life, as a reader or a writer?
  • What do you think about the recent speculations surrounding her death?
  • Which of her novels has inspired you the most?
  • Why do you think Jane Austen has had such an enduring influence and presence in literature?

Also, as we did not finish our reading and post discussions of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters for November. We shall be continuing that into December as well.

*Photo: Jane Austen Action Figure by Jamiesrabbits, obtained through Flickr.

Coincidentally, if anyone was looking for a gift for the Jane Austen fan in their lives or Veronica, the above action figure would be perfect. (Sarah already has one.)

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