A Word of Warning

Ahh, November….

the month of thankfulness, oven-roasted turkey, the beginning of holiday shopping, my birthday… and novel writing?

Why, Yes, Novel Writing!

November begins an exciting time for us at The Dark Jane Austen Book Club. Both Veronica and I will be participating in a month long writing marathon celebrating National Novel Writing Month or in its shortened form NaNoWriMo(admittedly, it does sound like the gurglings of a newly born zombie baby, but like everything else, they had to call it something). This entire month, we shall be indulging in this thrill seeking writing marathon. I mean how hard can it be to write a novel in a month? Well, honestly, I don’t know. This is our first year participating so we are hoping our enthusiasm will help us finish well.

What this means for you dear readers:

  1. Writing a novel in a month means we will be writing 50,000 in the next 30 days. You can expect to read some of our sleep-deprived ramblings on this blog from time to time. We believe that writer should be readers, and readers make some of the best writers. And it is now time for Veronica and I to write longer works of fiction.
  2. We would love for you to write for us. I mean guest posting during this month would be amazing! For guidelines, see our etiquette section.
  3. If you want more in depth conversations about the DJABC, join our ranks and register. You can post in the forums, send us comments and messages; plus, we will be responding more frequently on the forum than in the blog comment section.

Question: How many of you are joining us for #NaNoWriMo? Got any good tip

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