Ever Wonder About Us?

Sarah and VeronicaWhat is the Dark Jane Austen Book Club? How did it start? When did you become Janeites and how do you define that? Who are your Austen dream men?

Well, today Sarah and Veronica are participating in Christmas with Jane over at the Book Review Club where we were asked some of these very questions.  


Let’s begin with a little about you two, when did you decide to start blogging and why?

Dark Jane Austen Book Club is at its core Sarah Askins and Veronica Ibarra. We met as co-workers and our shared love of Jane Austen and background in English had us discussing books quite often. It was such a wonderful relief to discuss fictional characters and situations with another living being without the stigma of insanity. The book/movie The Jane Austen Book Club provided the inspiration for us to start our own book club.

Then came the zombies.


To read the full interview and our responses head on over to the Book Review Club: Presenting Dark Jane Austen Book Club to Christmas with Jane!

*Photo: Sarah and Veronica 


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