Me, Me, Me

Me, Me, Me

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Oh no, here comes Byron.

And, look out, here comes Miriam.

And, oh crap, here comes Beverly, Jessica, Julia and everyone else I happen to be avoiding.

This is not actual dialog from the book, Jane Goes Batty, but it may as well be.

There is a reason I don’t watch Curb Your Enthusiam.  It’s because I don’t feel anything for the main character. 

And so it is with this book and the main character…Jane.  She is, in my opinion, the Larry David of vampires; going through her life avoiding everyone at all costs, because she’s just too self-important and self-absorbed. 

I know my other friends here may differ with this take and I hate to put a damper on things, but…Oy vey!  (That, by the way, IS actual dialog).    

So in the spirit of Jane from Jane Bites Back:   WAHHHH!

To Michael Thomas Ford’s credit (he’s a talented writer), I liked the first book in this series.  I appreciate a fashionable mix of vampires and Jane Austen.  I welcome a sarcastic, contemporary voice, but like wasabi mustard…a little goes a long way!   A trilogy?  As in three?  I had my fill with one. 

I felt like I had walked into a cluttered room of unlikable characters and trivial plots which made me want to avoid the book. 

Here and there a little blood may spill (some red anti-climactic blood) but Jane’s vampire activity is nothing in comparison to her daily pastime of avoiding people and whining.  There again..very Larry David-like.   So yes, Oh vey

Maybe my disappointment has to do with my love for the real Jane Austen.  Seeing her portrayed in such a shallow light was disappointing. I mean, we all know the real Jane was dry, sarcastic, and ambitious…but not like this one.

My Jane’s sarcasm comes across in words like “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn?”

Instead, all this Jane has to offer is an attitude of “call my agent.”

What are your thoughts on all the avoidance? Are you a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm


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