Fanged Jane Take Two

Fanged Jane Take Two

Pole Number Two (Woods Hole, MA) by takomabibelot courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Last month’s reading selection was Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford. While some of us enjoyed the silly humor others of us were not well impressed. This month we continue with Ford’s trilogy reading Jane Goes Batty. At 285 pages it is the perfect summer beach/weekend read.

Will those who were not won over by the first book be glamoured by the second?

Will the spell be broken for those that enjoyed the first?  

We shall see.

Personally, I am interested to find out if Jane Fairfax (A.K.A Jane Austen vampire) learns what it truly means to be a vampire. We were left with Lord Byron’s promise to teacher her after all. I do enjoy a good bit of wittiness and silliness in my summer reading, but I crave a little thrilliness too. 

So here’s hoping I experience a nice mix this time around because there is a third book that just came out this year, Jane Vows Vengeance, and this book could determine if I attempt that one.

Again, we shall see.

Hope you read with us, and offer up your opinions when the time comes. We love to talk about what we liked or disliked, but we also enjoy hearing from others as well. We thrive on the discussion, and we hope you’ll join in.

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