Who’s the Dreamiest Austen Hero?

If you blurted out “Darcy!” then you might be a Darcyholic, and there’s a site for that appropriately called Darcyholic Diversions. There author Barbara Tiller Cole invites readers, writers, and fans to share their love, adoration, and devotion to one of the most celebrated of Austen’s heroes. 

Today I am paying my respects and sharing how Darcy seduced me. I say seduced because it was not love at first site, and my heart did belong to another Austen hero. To be honest it may still. I do not mean to be fickle, but when men are attractive for different reasons it is difficult to choose faithfully in fantasy.

Am I a full blown Darcyholic? Probably not, but that man is intoxicating, so I am sure I can be forgiven for my occasional indulgence of the diversion he provides. 

Hop on over to Darcyholic Diversions where I discuss Developing Genuine Character to find out which Austen hero had my heart first, and how Darcy won me over.

Who is your favorite Austen hero and what makes him so dreamy?

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