Valentine’s Day Card to Mr. Robert Martin

Upon reading Mr. Robert Martin’s letter again some few months later, and having given it a great deal of thought, Harriet Smith felt it only natural to secretly send him a letter on Valentine’s Day.

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Dear Mr. Martin,

Valentine's Day Card to Mr. Robert MartinOh, how I miss the Martins of Abbey-Mill-Farm, you and your sisters have occupied my thoughts a good deal, as I remember our very happy months together sharing the many comforts of your farm.

I was wondering, how is the little Welch cow, you know, the very pretty little Welch cow, that your mother called “my” cow?  Is she well?  I must tell you that every time I see a cow, I think of you.

Have you been in town of late?  I appreciate your going those three miles round one day just to bring me a bag of walnuts.  It was so obliging!  I must confess, that whenever I eat walnuts, it is your face that I recall.

Please accept my belated gratitude.  It was so very kind of you to bring Mrs. Goddard such a beautiful goose last year: the finest goose Mrs. Goddard had ever seen! As you can imagine, each time Mrs. Goddard dresses a Sunday goose with vigor, well, you come to mind.  

Oh! I know that you are not handsome — not at all handsome, but when I see you on horseback, or walking, or standing in the road my curiosity is raised. 

Have you been reading your Agricultural Reports? 

I was so fond of the way you recited “Elegant Extracts” and as you know, I found them very entertaining!  I delighted in hearing you speak of proper seeding methods and fertilization.  And here I too confess, that when I walk through a pasture on a fair day, the pungent scent of manure brings your very countenance to mind. 

And so, with this, I wonder if you ever think of me?

I bid you well and wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

Harriet Smith

*Photo: White cow with dark spots grazing on a hill by Horia Varlan, obtained by Flickr.


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