Happy Birthday Miss Jane Austen


Happy Birthday Miss Austen

Dear Miss Austen,

Time has not dwindled the interest in your works. They stand as masterpieces of literature that aid in completion of any library of note. Your characters dwell within the hearts and minds of your most ardent fans for their authentic believability. Even though they are most definitely men and women of their time, they are men and women that could exist anywhere at anytime.

Your works continue to inspire readers and writers many generations since your death. Film adaptations, and books galore have been written as testament to the allure your stories have, even now. Nothing is better than your original works, but I am so glad that so many wonderful writers have continued on the same vein with sequels and spin offs. Some are humorous, some chilling, some keep faithful adherence to the characters you created and the lives they lead.

Thank you, Miss Austen, for taking quill in hand to ink your visions upon parchment, and inspiring so many. Hoping you rest easy this birthday knowing how much your work means to so many.


All of us here at Dark Jane Austen Book Club


*Photo: all’s well that inks well by b1gw1ght, obtained through Flickr.