Speaking of Jane Austen

Speaking of Jane AustenFor those just joining us, we are the Dark Jane Austen Book Club.  First and foremost we adore the works of Jane Austen from the characters she developed, the world in which they live, to the style of Jane Austen that sets a literary standard by which we measure other works.  With the rise of the undead and creatures from the deep, a subgenre has been born infusing the works of Jane Austen with the supernatural.  We explore those here along with the original works, and plan to explore still more dark tales while honoring Jane Austen.

Speaking of Jane Austen

Today is Talk Like Jane Austen Day!  This day marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Sense and Sensibility, which we are about to begin along with Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.  These two novels shall be the focus of our November reading with comparisons, commentary posts, and discussions about the characters, plot developments, and how well Ben H. Winters writes with Jane Austen.  

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Pressing Onward

Next week we shall have one more post on Dreadfully Ever After, followed by our plans for November.  I shall give you but the briefest hint by saying that it shall include more than reading alone.

We look forward in eager anticipation, and hope you join us in these exciting developments. 


*Photo: Writing Apparatus by Kazarelth, obtained through Flickr.

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