The Zed Word

The Z-WordIn a world of proper observances of etiquette being overrun with zombies, it would be preferable to never speak of such things.  However, as the occasion merits one must say something of the matter, and that is when decorum must be applied to the gruesome.  What follows is a list of words and phrases that crop up in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which vary in severity to appropriately refer to that which the word zombie is simply inappropriate in some circles.

The Delicate Reference

These are the terms one may use in polite company if one must make mention at all.

  • Unmentionables
  • Dreadfuls
  • Sorry Stricken
  • Disagreeable Creatures

The More Severe Reference

These are terms used by those usually speaking with more passion, and with deadly intent for those beyond the compassion of a swift beheading.

  • Satan’s Servants
  • Satan’s Armies
  • Legions of Satan
  • Creatures of Unspeakable Evil
  • Devil’s Legions
  • Legions of Satan’s Slaves

Most Unfortunate Reference

Sadly, there is no way for there to be a zombie plague that does not touch even the most innocent.

  • Tiny Devils
  • Cursed Children

How many other ways can you think of to not say zombie?


*Photo: Headstone Z (Natrona Heights, PA) by takomabibelot, obtained through Flickr.

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