A Gentleman’s Organization

A Gentleman's OrganizationIn Pride and Prejudice and Zombies there is mention of two organizations regarding the unmentionables that plague England.  There is the Society of Gentlemen for a Peaceful Solution to Our Present Difficulties of which Mr. Bingley is a member, and the League of Gentlemen for the Encouragement of Continued Hostilities Against Our Most Unwelcome Enemy of which Mr. Darcy is a member.  Nothing more is said of the organizations, but given their titles and the one member of each we know we are able to make some assumptions.

  • Both are organizations for gentlemen.
  • The Society believes that there is a peaceful solution to be found.
  • The League believes that continued hostilities are necessary.
  • Mr. Bingley’s membership suggests that those in the Society are not highly skilled warriors, as he is not, and may be a bit squeamish about employing violence.
  • Mr. Darcy’s membership in the League suggests that it is made up of skilled warriors who most likely hold that beheading and burning are the only guaranteed method of dealing with zombies.

It is easy to assume that the group most likely to sponsor the research of a cure to the unfortunate scourge to be the Society, as they would be most likely to hold out hope for the success of such a method in spite of the fact that it “was considered the last refuge of the naive.” 


Which other characters would most likely apply for membership in the Society?  Which would apply for membership in the League?  To which would you choose to belong?


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