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To Mr. Darcy, Let’s Come Together

As with every previous Friday, Charlotte waited for Mr. Collins to breakfast, pull on his gardening trousers, and head out in the tangled web of cucumber vines and cabbages. Today’s letter promised to be particularly promising since it was in Lady Catherine’s hand. Who would the old rich hag have had such a need to […]

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Interview: Colette Saucier

Today we are pleased to have the opportunity to pose our own questions to Colette Saucier who has graciously agreed to answer.  What was the most challenging aspect of writing Pulse and Prejudice? Although some of the hours upon hours of historical research could be dull and trying, the most challenging aspect was ensuring that […]

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Challenge Accepted With Darcy On Top

Though I allowed an entire month to go by before officially stating my challenge acceptance terms for the Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary challenge 2013 hosted by Austenprose, here they are. First condition: Stating my level of participation. I shall be working toward the Aficionada with 11 selections. Second condition: List my chosen selections. February – […]

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Darcy's Regression

On Ghosts and Sins Past

If Pride and Prejudice had a fault, it would be that we never really know anything about Darcy’s parents or  his childhood.          Perhaps, he simply got taller, older–a more adult version of his child-adult self. Yes, we know about Wickholm and his sister, but he never allows us, the dear readers, […]

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