12 Years Later: Persuasion, Austen and Me

12 years ago, I first read Jane Austen’s Persuasion.   Between my junior and senior years in college and while working at the J. Crew call center answering customers questions on bikinis that I would never wear myself or corduroy pants that felt like sandpaper–I first read Persuasion. This is the problem of being young and reading […]

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Quickly Matched for a Lifetime

Today we welcome Kimberly Truesdale to talk about her novel My Dear Sophy, which is the story of how Admiral and Mrs Croft came to be. Be sure to enter for a chance to win a copy for your Kindle. Giveaway open internationally.  Thank you for having me, Dark Jane Austen Book Club! I hope you […]

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Upon Reading My Dear Sophy

One of my favorite aspects of being a Jane Austen fan is the number of prequels, sequels, and deviations her work has inspired. It means that no matter which of her novels I pick up there is sure to be another book to dive into should I wish to remain in the world of that […]

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Of a New Persuasion

Before this month my favorite Austen novel was Sense and Sensibility with Pride and Prejudice being my second. Well, they have now both been shifted down a notch because Persuasion is now my Jane Austen number one. I love the fact that Anne Elliot is twenty-seven, making her the oldest of Austen’s heroines. It is her age and experience that lend her […]

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Happy New Year Dear Readers

We’re off to a serious start with a return to an Austen classic: Persuasion.  Sarah and I have elected to break out our gorgeous annotated editions, the one edited by Robert Morrison. I do not anticipate this being a quick read as we will be discussing Jane Austen’s story and the additional information Morrison has included […]

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A Review of This House is Haunted

What if you believed there was a ghost haunting the house in which you were living? How would you discover the truth? Who would you speak to about such a thing? How could you be sure you weren’t going insane? These are the very questions Eliza Caine wrestles with as the new governess at Gaudlin […]

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Review: Longbourn by Jo Baker

Any devoted Jane Austen fan knows every facet of the Bennet household, or do they? We follow the Bennets from the moment Mrs. Bennet announces with euphoric enthusiasm the arrival of Mr. Bingley to the neighborhood, then transition to sticking with Elizabeth as she visits friends and relatives. We have an intimate view of Elizabeth’s […]

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Interview with Jo Baker

Today we are pleased to welcome Longbourn author Jo Baker. We asked her about her novel, Jane Austen, and writing. Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a copy of Longbourn courtesy of Alfred A. Knopf, Publisher. Twelve (12) lucky US winners will be chosen! What drew you to shift the perspective of PRIDE […]

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