Jane Austen Post-Apocalypse

Today we welcome Daniel McInerny author of “The Bureau of Myths” a short story bring together Jane Austen and a bit of post-Apocalyptic distopian proper mayhem.   Jane Austen is in a crucial way…the last great representative of the classical tradition of the virtues. This observation is from Alasdair MacIntyre in his book, After Virtue. In the […]

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On Dancing and Marriage

For many of us dancing has become almost a free-for-all activity with dance floors just a few steps removed from being mosh pits. The idea of having a designated dance partner is relegated to the slow dances where a girl’s arms are around a guy’s neck and his arms are around her waist. If it […]

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Comfort, Auxiliary, and Substitute

At the end of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park we are left to believe that the marriage of Fanny and Edmund goes on to be a happy one, and that life at Mansfield Park after the feather ruffling influence of the Crawfords is calmly returning to something respectable with the addition of Susan Price, Fanny’s younger sister, taking […]

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cover Jane, Actually

Different Shades of Darkness

Today we are pleased to welcome Jennifer Petkus, author of Jane, Actually, as she shares her thoughts on darkness and the beyond. Be sure to enter for a chance to win a copy. Ms. Perkus has graciously offered two (2) physical books for US residents with valid US mailing addresses, and four (4) ecopies for giveaway!   […]

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Is Dead the Real End?

What if  being dead, as in a door nail, wasn’t exactly the end?  Suppose with me for a moment, that we do, in fact, carry on without our bodies in tow–all of our memories, ideas, wishes, dreams get to come with us after  we pass into the undiscovered country. As ghosts, we float about  and […]

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The Countess before the Count

While we may like to inundate ourselves in the new tales and spins on vampires, every now and then, to truly appreciate their enduring presence in fiction, we must look back to those stories that inspired the genre, and even further back to the ones that inspired them. You cannot mention vampires without at least […]

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Prowling With the March Women

When I was younger and first getting into reading for pleasure, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott was one of my favorite. I identified with Jo with her tomboy attitude and passion for writing. I even had a crush on Laurie and couldn’t for the life of me understand why Jo and he didn’t end up together. […]

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In This Life or the Next

A second chance to get love right was granted Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth eight years after their first failed attempt in Persuasion by Jane Austen. Anne had allowed herself to be guided by duty and the sense of those whose opinions she felt honor bound to respect. Captain Wentworth had sailed off with uncertain prospects. […]

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February’s Bespelling Reading Choice

This month’s selection is Bespelling Jane Austen, which is actually an anthology featuring four short stories inspired by Jane Austen with a paranormal twist. Almost Persuaded by Mary Balogh. Northanger Castle by Colleen Gleason Blood and Prejudice by Susan Krinard Little To Hex Her by Janet Mullany We decided to give ourselves more choices: read them all at once, pick the one […]

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